Kitty Sweet Tooth's Tasteorama Behind the Scenes: Character Designs

Now that Kitty Sweet Tooth's Tasteorama has been announced, I'm excited to give you a little behind the scenes look at how the book is being developed along with the amazing art of Utomaru! The character of Kitty Sweet Tooth appears to guide readers in my previous books Cool Japan Guide and Cool Tokyo Guide. I've been wanting to make a story all about Kitty for a while and I even have some strips I drew about her and her theater from 2014! I might post those in the future.

I had the character of Kitty Sweet Tooth established already, and wrote a story with her friends Dr. Battina Redwing, Walter Witch, her Pop-Pop, Doctor Shine, and others. I needed to make a character sheet for my book proposal for First Second Books. Once Utomaru agreed to work with me on the project, I created this character design sheet.



And here are Utomaru's version of the characters. I was blown away by how cute and cool they look! I'm always excited to see her latest drawings!


We will be posting more behind the scenes and work in progress art on this book as it moves along, so keep an eye out!